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 Animation guidelines

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PostSubject: Animation guidelines   Animation guidelines I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 15, 2011 1:14 pm

Some important stuff to keep in mind, hope it helps:

- he is basically a bunch of circles and ovals, since round shapes will show his girly/cute personality. The only straight lines are the crown and the bottom of the hair. Straight lines remind us that he is a guy.
- no harsh movements! The Prince's moves are flow-like, with a lot of anticipation. Think of his arms as snakes, where the elbow joints are not very important.

- the Knight is the opposite of the Prince in shape (and therefore in personality). She is made of lines and sharp angles. The only circle shapes on her are her face and her boobs, which will remind us she is a girl.
Animation guidelines

- the Knight is very directional: she doesn't wander around, she always has a purpose. She's always ready to spring forward, her legs are spread to have better balance to strike, etc. Think of her as a big arrow, that will make your animations more convincing.
Animation guidelines

Other things:
- the Knight and Prince's heads are at the same height, but the Knight's hair goes higher than the Prince's crown.

- draw a sphere around the Prince, as if he was in a big bubble. His movements will never reach outside of this bubble. Draw a sphere around the Knight, but for her, make sure that she always breaks the bubble (weapon wielded, scarf flowing, feet far apart, pointy hair, etc.) This will differentiate the characters a lot: by not breaking the bubble, the Prince will look gentle, cute and a tad shy. The Knight, on the other side, always breaks the bubble, meaning she is fierce, aggressive and does not let others push her around.
Animation guidelines
Animation guidelines

Maxime, animation lead.
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Animation guidelines
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